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Hello, you might know me as the artist of Concession, Ballerina Mafia, and Black Dogs. Turns out I also draw a bunch of porn.

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Latest Journal posted 15 Mar 2014

Would people be interested if I ran a 100-slot, sketch-based Iron Artist campaign?

The basic point of Iron Artist is just to plow through a whole ton of sketches, it seems. At $20 per sketch, that'll quite add up, and it provides a few benefits:
*Since I wouldn't be streaming them, I can take my time and not get exhausted by the end of the day. And,
*With 100 slots, people have a much easier time getting a sketch compared to having to jump into a stream and hope for good timing.

The downside being that people couldn't watch them get drawn and thus would have a little less control over it. As they'd be quick sketches, there might have to be no approval process - you pay, then you get your sketch, and then you can ask for some changes but you're kinda stuck with what you have. There's a risk involved of misunderstanding.



Rakuen Growlithe 1 month ago
Why no pony pics here?
Shiromori 2 months ago
Love your work!
DragonKingUK 4 months ago
Hi, I saw your profile and found it to be very attractive. I like it a lot. Well, anyway, I was looking around for artists, and I was hoping, if you would be open to do a few requests for me. Please and Thank you.

I hope I hear from you soon.
Epic Quest 8 months ago
I had a dream earlier. Matt had acquired a sizable udder, while me and Joel were milking him by hand into a bucket.

Just thought you should know the kind of imagination your recent artwork is having on my subconscious. D:
Immelmann 8 months ago
Always funny when my art gives people better dreams than I ever have myself.
Solarian 10 months ago
I've been reading your comics since the beginning of concession. I had no idea you were here on SF...imagine my pleasure. :D
MrFox 10 months ago
So I read through most of your online comic lately. Ballerina Mafia I believe it was called. I just thought I would let you know how much I liked it and that it was super fun to read!
Immelmann 10 months ago
Thank you c: Glad you liked it.
SiberDrac 1 year ago
It weirdly did not occur to me you'd be on here; glad I randomly saw a recent submission! Really enjoyed Concession, and Ballerina Mafia is adorablez.
Godel Fishbreath 1 year ago
I did recognize the name. I really liked Concession.
Ciel Kliendell 1 year ago
Y-you're the artist of Concession/ O.O................*bows to the ground* I love your work!
foxstrap 1 year ago
comics and porn. Have I told you how awesome you are? :D